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Mobile Bars for your Wedding

Hiring the right mobile bar for wedding can be sometimes tricky – after all, there are so many mobile bar hire companies across the UK, each with their unique offerings.

In order to choose a bar hire company that can live up to your expectations, it’s important to ask certain questions, which can guide you to making the right decision:

How functional is your wedding mobile bar?

If you’re just looking for a ‘pretty looking’ bar with a lot of flash and bling, then you can find those just about anywhere. But if you’re actually looking for a mobile bar hire that will make your wedding event run smoother and even look the part, then it pays to ask your supplier how functional the mobile bar actually is.

The right mobile bar can have a huge impact on the bartender’s ability to serve your guests. While most bartenders can handle up to perhaps 50 guests without any assistance, they can easily become flustered and work up a sweat after a while. This will inevitably affect the experience your guest might have.

A functional mobile bar will help your bartender work faster, more consistently and with more confidence, no matter how many guests may need to be served at any given time. They will also be able to maintain a cleaner work area behind the mobile bar.

What kind of wedding mobile bar hire services do you provide?

While it is important to get quotes from multiple suppliers, it’s also equally important to know what you’re getting for the money.

For example, some mobile bar suppliers might only provide the mobile bar while others might also provide the drinks, glassware and staff that go along with it.

Some may offer a dry hire while others might offer a cocktail bar only. So it’s always good to ask what they can supply you with, what’s included in the service, what isn’t and what style the mobile bar is. After all, it has to match your wedding theme and guest preferences.

How much experience do you have as a wedding mobile bar supplier?

In this age of online presence, reviews, social media, etc. checking out a company’s profile has never been easier. However, it’s also a good idea to ask your supplier directly so as to what kind of experience they have – and then you can later corroborate their claims with their online channels, including their website.

Go through a few reviews, check out photos of their setups and how their mobile bar hire process works. All of this and more should help you decide what their experience level is.

Do you require a deposit in advance?

Some mobile bar hire services do ask you to pay an upfront deposit in order to secure a booking, so you should ask them how much it is and what mode of payment they accept.

Also ask them what the final price is and what it includes.

Drinks and beverages can never be underestimated on your big day. They will be as important to your guests as your wedding dress, the venue itself and even the food! With Wedding Assistant, you can make the process of finding the perfect mobile bar for your wedding a lot easier. Simply fill in our easy to use form (selecting any other services you may require), sit back and relax and wait for our highly recommended suppliers to get back to you.

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