About Wedding Assistant

It first started for us back in 2008 when we created PictureBlast, a photo booth hire company that services the wedding industry that has now grown to become the largest in the UK.

For over 12 years and we have met many great people and quality suppliers all around the country, we also learnt how hard it can be for couples to find good honest highly rated suppliers.

With our experience of building PictureBlast, we thought we could help the industry by matching suppliers with couples looking for their services, doing it with simplicity saving the cutomer time serching and providing more leads to high quality suppliers.

One very dull day we had a thought, this happened quite a fair bit, but this thought we liked:

“What if we created a website that allowed people to submit one simple form in less than 60 seconds, select as few or as many wedding services as they needed and in return they would receive up to 5 quotes straight in to their inbox from decent suppliers”

We looked around the Internet thinking this must already exist but no, it didn’t.

We then also excelled our thought process (it was unusual to have two thoughts in one given day) with:

“What if we also offer the thousands of customers that enquire with Pictureblast for a photo booth for their wedding the quick easy option of requesting additional quotes for wedding services and it feeding direct into Wedding Assistant”

Boom just like that, we were on the phone to the web developers to begin the mind boggling task of building such a website.

The key to building Wedding Assistant was simple, we didn’t want a wedding directory like the rest, we wanted something different, we wanted it to do two main things:

Only allow quality suppliers, each one is vetted, we look at their website, we look at all their reviews, we request an anonymous quote. We basically only allow the good guys on to the system.

Be quick a simple process and only send the customer a maximum of 5 quotes per wedding service they select.

After many hours, days, months we stuck to the two main points above and Wedding Assistant was finally born.

An interesting fact to leave you with, the lady on the home page is the wife of one on the founders (very lucky man).


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