Supplier FAQs

Supplier FAQs

No sign up fee or contract, is this correct?


Yes this is correct, there is no sign up fee or contract and you get a full 12 months of leads for free, you can cancel anytime incurring no costs.

When you join you will be 1 of only 5 suppliers for your service in your region even whilst on the free 12 month subscription.

How do I get all the leads on the 12 month subscription for free?


When a customer requests your service in your region Wedding Assistant will instantly email the lead to your inbox and to your supplier portal. The lead will consist of customer name, location, wedding date and email address. You receive full free unlimited leads for the 12 months, no contract, cancel anytime incurring no cost.

How do I pay?


You will be billed automatically via PayPal after your free 12 month subscription ends expires. Then you will be billed £9.99 (your monthly subscription).You can cancel at any time in the 12 month subscription and will incur no costs. Once your subscription starts you can cancel at anytime to end the monthly billing.

How do I cancel or make changes to my account?


You can login to your account here:

Here you can make changes to your membership and cancel your account by following the instructions.

How does Wedding Assistant get its leads?


Wedding Assistant gets its leads via many channels.

We get organic Google traffic from our 50,000 area specific landing pages, we also have an affiliate program with websites with our enquiry form embedded in their websites.

Our main sources of advertising is targeted adverts on both Facebook and Google, we also run monthly email marketing campaigns.

How are suppliers verified?


One of team will look at your application and verify you. You must have a website or facebook page that has been updated recently and the team will look at your reviews to ensure that you are a professional business.

Once you are verified you will be notified by email and start to receive leads.

What are your terms and conditions?


You can review our terms and conditions at

Any further questions?


If you would like to talk to our sales team please call us on 02476 711736 (During the COVID-19 outbreak we are working hard from home so please call 07817320020)