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During the all-too-important wedding planning phase, couples must deal with questions left and right. And among them are: “Do I need to hire a wedding travel planner for my honeymoon?” or “Can I plan all my wedding travelling myself?”

Well, an honest answer to the above would be: you should carefully consider it – particularly if you’re still in the wedding planning phase, as it could potentially save you from the often unnecessary stress as well as time and energy spent on choosing wedding destinations and planning the honeymoon on your own.

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a honeymoon planner for your wedding travels:

Reasons you should work with a Wedding Travel and Honeymoon Planner

Expansive knowledge on the best wedding destinations

Honeymoon planners and wedding travel experts are familiar with all the best areas and honeymoon celebration trends. Even though you may have chosen a specific destination already, your wedding travel planner will let you know ahead of time whether that destination is ideal for honeymooning at the time of year you have in mind.

This can potentially save you a lot of trouble because couples often end up going to a destination which seems very attractive initially, but when they get there, it’s not the best time of year. Your honeymoon planner will ensure that you go to your desired destination at the best time of year in order to make the most of it and also give you some basic travel tips.

Save plenty of money on your wedding travel & honeymoon

Even though travel agents may seem like a good option at first, in some cases, you may end up buying wedding travel packages that you may not even need. A honeymoon planner, on the other hand, can help you save lots of money by finding only the best deals on flights, hotel stays and other honeymoon specials – since their number one concern is not making a commission off your big day!

They can also leverage their network to help you find the best packages at hotels, giving you not only a variety of options to sift through but also stay well within your wedding travel budget.

A highly personalised experience

Quite possibly one of the biggest reasons couples work with a honeymoon and wedding travel planner is because the latter can help upgrade their vacation with personal touches and benefits – something which can’t be enjoyed when you do the honeymoon planning on your own.

For instance, a honeymoon planner’s knowledge of specific destinations and relationships with travel partners and suppliers ensures that each one of their esteemed clients is treated like royalty, wherever they go. This is actually something that honeymooners often overlook by not working with a honeymoon planner: getting a lot more value for money because of the well- established relationships with suppliers.

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