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Top 5 Tips on picking the right Wedding Jewellery

Planning your big day successfully has a lot to do with selecting the right bridal jewellery. After all, wedding jewellery is something which can complement your wedding outfit seamlessly and make for some equally impressive photo-taking opportunities.

Here are our top 5 tips for choosing the right kind of wedding jewellery:

Start with the dress when choosing your wedding jewellery

It all starts with the dress, but you probably know that already.

When you’ve picked your dress, you can then choose the jewels that can faithfully compliment it. Many brides actually end up going with a dress that’s quite different from what they had originally envisioned. You may regret choosing a dress which later doesn’t go with that beautiful necklace you already got, for instance.

Let’s say you’ve picked a white gown. Silver or platinum pieces will stand out rather nicely without overshadowing the dress too much. If you’ve chosen a champagne gown, then gold jewellery is going to look stunning next to those warm champagne tones.

You get the idea.

Simplicity translates to more elegance

It’s important to pay attention to how the jewellery ties in with all the various details on your dress. So for example, if your dress features an elaborate neckline, then you need to keep it simple with the necklace.

If there’s a noticeably large motif on the bust, neckline or around the waste, then you’d want to be careful so as to not have your jewellery clash with it.

Creating a simple yet elegant look can be tricky for most brides, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you focus on what you really need and ditch all the extra bling.

Avoid upstaging your dress

After choosing the perfect wedding dress, you’d want to add the right finishing touches, which show off both you and the dress, without upstaging the dress itself. This is why we feel bridal jewellery should always be a bit understated.

Also, think about how you’d like to be photographed. Hands, for instance, are featured a lot in wedding day photos, so a simple yet elegant bracelet or wedding band would work quite well. You could also choose gorgeous drop earrings to enhance your up-do.

In our opinion, it’s always better to go for a timeless and classic look rather than one that is overly glamorous and sparkly.

Think about the neckline

We feel this is probably a topic that deserves its own blog!

While matching your jewellery to your dress’s colour is important, the style of the dress is just as important – something which needs to be factored in when choosing wedding jewellery.

So if you’re planning to wear a strapless or V-necked dress, a medium-sized necklace would be ideal. If your dress features a higher neck, you might forego the necklace altogether and just go for earrings.

Work with the right wedding supplier

When it comes to choosing the right bridal jewellery, working with an experienced agency is crucial – with rates ranging between £195 and £3,495, we can provide quality wedding jewellery for hire to help make your big day special.

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