Only 5 suppliers per an area

Only 5 suppliers per an area

We want to create a service that works for both the supplier and couple. We do not want to fool people in to signing up and passing leads to as many suppliers as possible – this is just does not work for either the supplier or the bride.

If you are one of 5, for instance you a DJ in London, every time we get an enquiry for a DJ anywhere in London we will only ever send the lead automatically to you and a maximum of 4 other DJs if all the slots are full. This means that you have a good chance of converting the lead but also means that the couple is spammed with too many emails and it becomes confusing for them.

This may seem like we are limiting our income once the trial is over or that we are only doing it for the trial but we believe that 5 is just the right number, too many and you have a less chance of converting, any less and some brides may not receive quotes if the suppliers are already booked.


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