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Will Buckley “wedding toastmaster of the year finalist for 2 years 2020/2021

From assisting with drinks to liaising with the kitchen staff, the ushers the couple to announcing the wedding meal, the speeches, cake cutting, dance and...

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Hi there, Congratulations on getting engaged! You may well be looking for a venue and somebody to help run your special  day.....I am a fully...

 Toastmasters /  Buckinghamshire

If your mind was on a Toastmaster, then look no further.  I am here to make sure you have the best day possible. I am...

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Martyn is a Professional Toastmaster trained by Reuben Lynch. He is a member of the Circle of Toastmasters and the Federation of Professional Toastmasters. Martyn...

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Martyn is an award winning Professional Toastmaster trained by Reuben Lynch. He is a member of the Circle of Toastmasters and Vice President of the...

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Why couples should have a Toastmaster at their Wedding

Have you ever considered hiring a toastmaster for your big day? Before we discuss some very legitimate reasons for hiring one, let’s quickly discuss what a wedding toastmaster is.

What does a Wedding Toastmaster do?

A toastmaster is a highly trained coordinator that many couples hire specifically for their wedding reception. The individual is tasked with executing instructions given to him/her by the bride and groom. In addition, he/she also ensures by liaising with all the designated wedding venue suppliers that everything flows seamlessly on the wedding day and runs on time.

As one might imagine, this greatly reduces the burden that couples-to-be have on their shoulders as they no longer have to coordinate all the respective activities from start to finish, in order to ensure a smooth, uneventful and generally successful wedding day.

The key tasks carried out by a wedding toastmaster may include (in no particular order):

The toastmaster is an invaluable asset to any couple looking to make their day completely smooth and hassle-free. Even though they work discreetly in the background and only step in if required, they can do everything from assisting the photographer to calling the best man or ushers to making the necessary announcements in order to facilitate people from room to room.

Wedding toastmasters have become a very popular choice for couples who need all the support they can get in order to ensure that everything goes as planned – like clockwork, with no hitches along the way.

You’ll never have to worry about the caterer not showing up on time, or the best man having a little too much to drink and botching up the speech as a result or even a quick replacement in case the DJ can’t make it to the venue due to unforeseen circumstances. They can do it all, really. It’s kind of like having your own wedding day assistant.

Why all couples should hire a Toastmaster

Wedding toastmasters are a critical yet somewhat forgotten part of your wedding day. They are highly punctual people and experts in timing the execution of events – they are the eyes, ears and voice of the happy couple, make sure that all their carefully laid plans are executed exactly as they desire.

They ensure that all the various wedding suppliers work along the same schedule and will often arrive at the venue ahead of time to ensure that the reception-related activities are running on schedule.

You might be thinking that a best man can already do some of these jobs – he could but his responsibility is primarily to look after the groom and lead the ushers.

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