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Wedding Car Hire

During your wedding planning, it’s quite likely that you’ve fantasised about travelling in style on more than one occasions. And why not? You’re big day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you might as well live it up!

When it comes to weddings, there’s no finer way to travel than in a chauffeur-driven luxury or vintage car. And with so many wedding cars for hire on offer, couples are absolutely spoilt for choice. There are luxury cars, vintage and classic cars, exotic/super cars and even sports SUVs.

While we can’t discuss all the types of cars at length, we’ve handpicked four of the most popular wedding cars for now to help you find the right one:

Ferrari – Grand Tourers and Sports models for weddings

Nothing quite exudes style and good taste like a blood red Ferrari, eh? For the young and sporty couple who likes the sound of a “revvy” engine and the performance of a striking Italian two-seater, a Ferrari grand tourer like the Ferrari FF would fit the bill nicely. For those who are more into ‘compact and sporty’, a sportier model like the F430 would make for a great choice indeed.

Rolls Royce – The Phantom – The wedding car of choice

When it comes to British weddings, it’s common to see couples, including royal ones, arriving at the venue in a beautiful and shiny Rolls Royce. The Phantom to this day is the pinnacle of luxury motoring and not that many luxury automobiles can come close, not even Jaguar’s most sought after models.

The Phantom has enjoyed the ‘Best Car in the World’ title for quite some time, thanks to its unmatched luxury, a ride that might put a jet to shame, and an engine that not only packs a fair amount of “oomph” but is also quiet like the wind. Turn heads and take your wedding’s lavish factor to a whole new level.

Austin – Princess Limousine

The classic and timeless Austin Princess Limousine is a fairly large seven-seat wedding car that is highly adaptable and can carry the happy couple with far more leg room to spare than your everyday London taxi.

If you feel like having a few family members or Bridesmaids tag along just to make the moment extra special, the four additional passenger seats in the main cabin, plus one in the front next to the chauffer, makes the Princess Limousine truly a day to remember for the princess!

Chevy – The Classic American Cadillac

Do you and the future mistress happen to be fans of Elvis Presley? The classic Cadillac from the 1950s marks an era that was full of careless fun and letting loose. Not only is it a huge car for its time with roomy seats and a beautiful bespoke interior, but it also has one of the most eye-catching tail fins ever fitted on a car.

Just be careful when you put this big boat of a car in reverse.

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