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Just about every couple wants to have entertainment in some form or the other at their wedding reception. However, this entertainment isn’t just limited to the reception area because some couples also hire entertainers to greet, excite and entice guests as they arrive at the venue.No matter what kind of wedding entertainer you choose, hiring the right one is a decision you will happily look back on many years later. Here’s why you should spice up the big day with a class wedding entertainment act:

Professional wedding entertainers can easily gauge the guests’ mood

There are going to be quite a few guests who are initially shy to let loose and mingle or even dance as the festivities gain momentum. Wedding entertainment professionals are trained to quickly ‘read’ a crowd and can easily adapt their performance throughout the reception to keep people mingling, dancing and generally just letting loose and having a good time, really.

They are experts at cracking harmless jokes at the right time and even singing as well as mixing songs so that everyone feels comfortable enough to start dancing, irrespective of their age.

Wedding entertainers can help control the flow of the reception

From the early hours of pre-reception entertainment to the late hours where the last dance of the night ensues, your wedding entertainer can help direct and control the flow of your reception.

They ensure that only the right kind of music is played at key moments, getting everyone excited and eager to join in. And they can help fill in those long, awkward gaps of silence – for instance, playing soft music in the background while everybody eats or adding extra touches from time to time, like walk on/walk off music for speeches.

Your wedding entertainer can quickly adapt to ‘unplanned’ circumstances

Professional wedding entertainers that are hired from a reputable agency are always prepared for the unexpected. They live and breathe their art 24/7. So they understand all too well how to accommodate last-minute requests for changes or transition from an awkward moment to one where everyone is relaxed and genuinely enjoying the wedding entertainment.

For example, you forgot to mention that it was your aunt’s anniversary and that you wanted your entertainer to sing a special song. For them, this really isn’t a problem as they will be more than happy to accommodate all kinds of requests.

You can even ask them not to crack certain jokes as some of your guests may take them too personally. In any case, your wedding entertainer would be happy to discuss his/her entertainment plans ahead of the big day.

Book your wedding entertainer through a reputable wedding supplier only

While it’s important to work with a professional wedding entertainer who will make your wedding reception truly memorable, it’s just as important to work with a UK wedding supplier who can help you book entertainers who are professional and experienced in their art.

With prices ranging between £95 and £1395, we offer access to the top wedding entertainers that are always in high demand. Request a quote now to get started.

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