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Cherish your wedding memories with our cinematic storytelling wedding videography

When it comes to capturing your wedding day we shoot your wedding in a discreet and non-intrusive manner. Our goal is to capture your wedding...

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Fresh Wed wedding videographers curate amazing wedding videos that are tailored to you and your partner. Capturing your personalities and likes so we can create your perfect video, just for you.

We take great pride in our first class service and friendly attitude to our work. It is your wedding day, and we are so thrilled...

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Emotive Wedding Films, Crafted With Love

A VISION OF YOUR STORY TOLD THROUGH FILM Emotive Wedding Films, Crafted With Love A discreet approach without feeling like you’re being followed by a...

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Cinematic Wedding Films

I am a passionate and experienced filmmaker and director of photography with over 15 years of experience in the industry. My technical expertise and huge...

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We are excited to be offering a great deal on our full day coverage, for just £950 we will capture your day from bride prep...

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Cinematic Wedding Videography

Video4aDay is an award winning Video Production Service that specialises in professional, stylishly filmed wedding videos, offering couples a unique and innovative way of documenting...

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Videographer in Lancashire

Wedding Videography in Preston Lancashire is a passion for Colpic Wedding Videos. We understand the responsibility we have, recording your wedding day for all time....

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Making your special day memorable

Bespoke | Memorable | Unintrusive Videographers Marcus and Jordan are passionate students of their craft. They specialise in bespoke and tailored wedding films, priding themselves...

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Capturing the small details of your big day

We've filmed weddings all over the country, in all kinds of venues, for people with all kinds of budgets, and we’ve always loved how a...

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Videos for weddings and events capturing the little moments that make the biggest difference

My names Daniel Jones, I’m a dedicated videographer from Reading. I’ve recently brought my first home in Burghfield with my wife, Abbi. I graduated from...

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Why you should hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

Thanks to high-quality DSLR cameras, camcorders and smartphones, anyone with a steady hand can make wedding videos. And that’s exactly what some couples do, asking a friend or relative to record the festivities rather than a professional wedding videographer.

However, this is can be a huge mistake and here’s why:

No backup camera – If you ask a friend or relative to film the wedding, chances are they will only have one camera on hand. A professional wedding videographer, on the other hand, will typically have two cameras for your big day. This not only provides for improved coverage but also more editing options.

Poor-quality sound – With off the shelf consumer-grade equipment that’s meant for everyday use, it is neither feasible nor practical to record good-quality sound. A videographer will always have a commercial-grade microphone along with a high-end camera. This will deal with any acoustic issues on the venue or other factors that may affect the audio recording quality, such as background noise or wind.

Focus problems – Weddings are occasions where many people wearing a variety of colours gather in a relatively packed space. This is something that can bring about filming issues with a standard camera because they use ‘auto focusing’ features. Additionally, the colour extremes of light and dark for the bride and groom accompanied by the bright hues of the bridesmaids’ dresses, for example, requires a keen understanding of what auto-exposure levels are and how to adjust them according to any given scene.

An experienced wedding videographer knows this beforehand and will ensure that the entire filming is sharp and crystal clear from start to finish, complete with the appropriate contrast, brightness, exposure and colour saturation levels for each scene.

Too many distractions – While asking a friend or relative to film the wedding is something many couples do to save costs, it’s quite likely that these friends or relatives can easily get distracted as the events unfold, and they may miss crucial parts of the reception proceedings as a result.

Lack of professional editing equipment and knowledge – Even if your best man or close relative can make a decent first attempt at filming the wedding, chances are they won’t have the knowhow or equipment needed to do proper editing. Without the right editing tools and finishing touches, your videos might be full of amateurish signs and hints, and may not exactly do justice to how beautiful and memorable the wedding day was.

The Benefits of working with a Wedding Videographer

See things you might miss otherwise

It’s not always possible to see how your guests might react to certain parts of the wedding reception – but when captured on film by a professional wedding videographer, you can fondly relive those moments, even many years later.

Share your professionally shot video with loved ones

Apart from having the ability to treasure a professionally shot wedding video for life, your wedding videographer might even edit a shorter version that you can share across all your social media accounts.

Wedding videographers may not be as expensive as you think

You may be surprised to know how much it costs to hire a professional wedding videographer – with rates starting at £795, we can get you in touch with the most experienced and sought after ones this side of town.

Capturing one of the most memorable days of your life with high quality footage that you can look back on and cherish is an important jobs. Here at Wedding Assistant by filing in one simple easy to use form, you can ensure that all of the very best wedding videographers in your area will be in touch. We only include the every best videographers in our directory that have come highly recommended from previous couples. Simply fill in the form below and they will be in contact.

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