Where do we get our leads from?

Where do we get our leads from?

Good question, after all you are signing up for the sole purpose of getting leads from couples looking for your services.

There are 3 main ways that we get the leads, the first is we have over 47,000 landing pages for every service in every town. We are working hard every day to SEO and improve the position of these pages on both google and bing. A unique offering that we offer couples is that they can select to have quotes also for secondary services. For example if a bride discovers our website by googling “bridal wear Ampthill” they ultimately are looking for bridal wear but at the end of the simple to use form they can opt in to any of the other 26 services at a click of a mouse making it easy for a couple to get supplier quotes easily from one simple and easy to use form.

We also feed data from other wedding supplier websites, the main example is that if a couple enquiry on a pictureblast.co.uk for a photo booth, once they have submitted this form they are asked if they need any of the other 26 services that Wedding Assistant offers, this is super easy for a bride.

The third is marketing, we have a full time marketing team that have mutliple avenues for advertising to brides, these include Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. We have a large marketing budget so you do not have to.

Once our system receives an enquiry from a bride be it for one service or twenty seven it is automatically sent via email to the suppliers that are in the same area. For example if a bride is in Coventry and requested “Mobile Bars” this enquiry would be sent to maximum 5 mobile bar providers in the West Midlands.


Where did the idea of Wedding Assistant come from?

Only 5 suppliers per an area

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