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How to ensure you’re working with a Professional Wedding Cake Maker

Hiring a great wedding cake supplier isn’t always down to just calling a number up, asking a few questions and booking them for the big day.

When hiring a wedding cake maker to bake your wedding cake, here are specific warning signs you need to watch out for which can indicate that they are unprofessional and do not deserve your investment:

A General Lack of Organisation

Perhaps one of the biggest cause for concern when it comes to hiring a wedding cake maker is when they demonstrate poor coordination and organisation.

You definitely don’t want to be among those couples who get caught up in a frenzy, asking their baker on the grand day itself why the cake hasn’t arrived yet. Therefore, it goes without saying, that the vendor you hire for this very important aspect of your wedding should be well-organised and proactive.

Unimpressive Online Reviews & Testimonials

No vendor is perfect and it’s certainly not possible to please everyone. While a negative review or two can be overlooked, half a page of 2/5 star ratings accompanied by negative comments should raise a red flag.

It’s absolutely vital to research your baker and read through reviews because it can give you insights into how good or bad their service is. Comments indicating that the cake did not arrive on time, different than what was asked or arriving in a dry and/or melted state means it’s time to start looking for another vendor.

A Poor Attitude and Lacklustre Customer Service

A wedding cake maker that’s rude, lazy and hesitant to go the extra mile to serve customers doesn’t really deserve your time and money. And they surely can’t be too much fun to work with either.

So bypass the bakers at Negative Nancy altogether and go with someone who genuinely enjoys listening to how you want your wedding cake done and isn’t afraid to personalise with you to a certain degree – without asking you what you looked like in high school or who your first crush was, of course!

Lack of Portfolio

If your potential wedding cake supplier can’t show you photos of the work they’ve done, then there’s no need for you to risk working with them. It’s as simple as that. All established cake makers have a portfolio on their websites.

Bad-mouthing other Wedding Cake Suppliers

It’s quite likely that your first meeting with a potential cake supplier will involve photo sharing so as to give them an idea of what you’re after. Even though some of the cakes you got inspired by may be out of your budget or possibly fake cakes used for photography, your baker should still indulge in the excitement and listen to you, rather than discouraging your ideas.

Plus, if they can’t stop talking about how they are better than so-and-so baker down the street, you already know they are working to a low standard.

At Wedding Assistant, we offer access to only the most sought after and well-established wedding cake makers. With prices ranging between just £75 and £695, get a quote now to get started.

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