Where did the idea of Wedding Assistant come from?

Where did the idea of Wedding Assistant come from?

The idea of Wedding Assistant came around long before COVID, we looking at how we get leads for our photo booth company, we looked at the platforms out there that might help us get more leads and we looked at bride behaviour on our websites to see how they interacted around the site.

This is where the idea came in to our head that maybe the current style of directories are now not as effective. Does a couple want to spend hours searching through suppliers and checking availability? We though surely it would be more simple to have a system that allows customers to only be quoted by available and respectable companies!

We also looked at directories and it appeared that if a bride wanted to enquiry for multiple services they would have to fill in multiple contact forms on the same website! This is not a fun way of planning your wedding and is so time consuming. Why is there not a service where a bride can apply for quotes for multiple services with just one form?

We sat down and thought about it for a few hours, we also thought that on our photo booth business website we also get brides that only we only ask if they want a photo booth quote, why not help them and our supplier friends by asking if they need anything further.

The next thought was is this idea something that can be built, we called our web developer and through ideas at them. It was a mess of ideas for a while but as we talked we came up with the thought that the simple ideas are sometimes the best!

The idea was – ask brides what services they need with one simple and easy to use form and then we would simply instantly send this lead to local trusted suppliers.

We evolved this idea to make a big improvement, we only wanted that lead to to 5 suppliers maximum, we do not want to have a race to the bottom or spam our customers with 100s of leads as that does not solve the problem we believed was there.

It took 6 months to build and test the website, the design changed multiple times but now we have the final product that is ready to help wedding suppliers. We also created a way to make 47,000 landing pages, feed leads from our wedding websites and SEO concepts to get the leads.

The additional of the 5 suppliers max per an area per service allows the bride to only receive a maximum of 5 quotes if everyone is available, we imagined that the bride would get 2 or 3 quotes back and this allows the bride to explore and compare. Saving time and money!

We also understand that this is a new concept and mix in the COVID pandemic so we decided we want to prove that this is the best directory out there so we are allowing a full 12 months trial, cancel anytime and no contract so we can prove to you that this will help your business grow.

So join up today for free to get free wedding leads, we are also offering you the chance to add a blog and get a SEO rich back link and all you need to do is add our “recommended by Wedding Assistant” badge to your website.

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